Augmenting Furniture with Wall Decals

If you’ve gotten that perfect piece of furniture and the wall above it is just bare, but you know you need to do something about it, check out some of these great new ideas from the folks at Style and Apply. They have the most unique, custom and personalized decals for walls you can imagine.

Our Customers Love Custom Wall Stickers

Building the right atmosphere in any room is super important if you want to feel comfortable in the room. To that end, there are always things one can do to get in the right vibration. Adding the right splash of the proper color with the right kind of design has never been easier thanks to the new technology of adding these pieces of vinyl above your credenza or dresser. Consider a child’s room that you’ve already painted. You don’t want to paint designs or put holes in the walls so consider one of the ways that our new partner site has built up a unique value proposition to customers of our furniture depot. We’ve been getting all kinds of reviews from them and we’re looking forward to helping our clients by pointing them to the customizer now on their website so they can be sure that the get that right look for any room in the home for that perfect look – go here for interior decor ideas!


Hopefully you have some new ideas for making the perfect impression in every room. Thanks for stopping by! -Jimmie